About Us

Who are we:

M+I Lab is a psychological research lab that exists to support William Paterson University students and collaborators in their mission to translate empirically tested psychological theories and principles into real-world applicable products. We examine research questions relevant to promoting motivation and persistence to vulnerable populations – first generation college students, women, minorities, and intersectional persons. To gain traction on these interests, I conduct both laboratory experiments and field studies using experimental methods, correlational designs, dyadic paradigms, and interventions.


What we offer:

 We are a lab that encourages the creative power of individuals through critical thinking, intensive training, and mentorship. We have high expectations of our students and collaborators to produce high quality work and to constantly strive for improvement.


What we believe:

We believe that the best innovation comes from hard work and diligence. Though good ideas can spring up overnight, the engine of success comes from consistent execution and implementation. We foster an environment that fuels innovation and motivation – encouraging members to fearlessly persist through failure, to feel safe to perform, and to remain open-minded about risks. We believe in raising the bar.


Who do we work with:

We work with William Paterson University students and affiliates, as well as academic collaborators with common interests. We also service companies and outside organizations that is interested in partnering with us to innovate on new projects or to use our skills and expertise to better improve their work conditions and efforts.